Rodent vs. The Saab

It was a warm Spring March day in Minnesota so I was driving around with the window cracked for the first time in months! The next day, second Winter arrived and I blasted the heat in my car and turned on the seat warmers. I was in and out, back to my car in a little over an hour, and realized my heat wasn’t working. That I was only warm on the drive to my destination because of the seat warmer. After pushing buttons, I concluded that my fan blower wasn’t working. My dad and I watched a couple YouTube videos and figured out how to get to the fan blower and low and behold, we discovered that a rodent ate through my filter and built itself a warm little home!

I took out the shop-vac and sucked out all the fluff from my fan blower thinking that the problem was solved.

Boy-oh-boy was I wrong! A day or so later I was running out for an appointment. I made it about a block out of the neighborhood when I realized that my dash was dark and my blinkers, radio, gages, etc. didn’t work. I turned around, popped the hood, and the little bugger made a second home in my fan blower!

You would think that it would take a hint after it’s first home was destroyed, but no. Little rodent came back with a vengeance and he was not going to leave.

I called around to a couple mechanics to see who could look at my car the earliest and found a guy down the street who could get me in same day. He got in the dash and under the hood and gave me the worst news. My paid off little Saab would Saab no more.

The rodent chewed through the wires to the dash and also through the hose for my oil, therefore my car was gushing oil.

Saabs are fun and all, but since they don’t make them any more, repairs are hella expensive. I mean, I had just dumped a fun $700 into the thing a month prior and she needed new tires, so putting another $2-3k into her just wasn’t practical.

I was able to call a junk car company and get a cool hundo for them to haul her away so she can be used for parts in her last days before being crushed into a tiny plastic box.

RIP 2006-2021

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