Hi! Welcome, and thank you for visiting Alison Page! I’d like to take some time to share a little about my life, so grab a coffee, tea, or glass of wine, and let’s get to it!

We are approaching the one year mark from when life was flipped upside down for a lot of us. In early March I had landed in Madrid, Spain and took the train down to Barcelona. I enjoyed two whole amazing days exploring Barcelona, eating, drinking and meeting new friends (more on all that later), before Covid-19 closed borders and abruptly ended my Spain adventure.

After I returned home from two solid days of flying, I quarantined by myself for two full weeks. Luckily I had brought my computer home from work before I left for my trip, soI was able to continue working, and my parents had a key to my apartment so they stocked me up with food and the oh so coveted toilet paper.

About a week into quarantine, my parents posed the question ‘ do you want to stay with us until Covid is gone?’ Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I thought Covid would come and go in a months time, so I didn’t think too long about packing a bag, loading up my plants in my car and heading to the burbs for a couple of weeks.

Those weeks turned into months, and slowly we began to move more items out of my sweet little UpTown apartment to the suburbs. In May, I gave my notice that I will not be renewing my lease, and my mom and I cleaned ourselves out of the apartment and left the keys behind. What a bittersweet day that was. One brightside is that months earlier we had started to discuss me moving home so I could save for a few months and purchase my first home. So, at least this didn’t come as a huge surprise. It just happened months earlier than any of us were prepared for.

One of our saving graces is that we have a family cabin in Western Wisconsin that we can easily escape to when tensions get high. Since my dad and I can work from anywhere, there were a lot of weeks where either myself or my parents would go up for a week before the other joined for the weekend. There’s not much better than ending your work day with a cocktail at the end of the dock on a sunny day.

So, here we are, a whole 10 months from when I first moved in with my parents and we are all alive. In all honesty, things haven’t been so bad. We’ve found our groove, I have my ‘office’ set up at home, we share the daily dinner making and cleaning, and have sort of figured this whole thing out. But I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t stoked to start looking for a home to purchase (still a few months away) and be out on my own again.

So, that’s me! A ’30 something’ who lives in the suburbs with her parents and Yorkie. I’ll be writing about what it’s like moving back home with your parents and sharing new recipes we try and anything else that might seem interesting to share!

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